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System Simulator

System Simulator


BWTS operation and alarm, suitcase simulator. A portable suitcase including 2 screens switches, buttons and PLC on which operation of the BWTS as well as BWTS alarms can be simulated and recovered by the trainee. This will be accompanied by exercises that the trainee must complete.

BWTS Simulator is a computerized system on which the exact BWTS automation and some vessel operational parameters are included and programmed as inputs and outputs, in such a way so as to be able to simulate actual ballasting/deballasting operation scenarios.

The trainee can change vessel operational parameters, like Ballast Pump flow rate, Βallast Τanks filling sequence and level, position Βallast Τank feed valves, simulate the result to the vessel ballast operation and BWTS and further on troubleshoot.

The trainee can also operate BWTS in normal operational conditions, up to or even out of BWTS operational limitations, like dirt load, salinity, turbidity etc., simulate the result and further on troubleshoot the alarms that will arise.

Course Duration: 8hrs

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