BWTS Hands on Training

Hands on - Neutralization Simulation

It is noticed that many operational problems are caused due to the non-familiarization of the crew with the TRO sensor and neutralization operation. Hands on training will give the trainees the chance to operate and learn about the maintenance of actual components such as the system’s filters, TRO sensor, Transformer Rectifier, etc.

More specifically the courses include:

  • TRO and dosing pump operation
  • TRO and dosing pump maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Neutralizing agent preparation
  • Familiarization with de ballast operation
  • Hands on - Dry hands on training in Greece

NOTE: It is essential to gain a certain level of knowledge before proceeding with hands on training

  • Hands on - Wet hands on training in Manila
  • Training on actual operational BWTS installed on land with all operational parameters available
  • High-end training results should be the last stage of crew training after theoretical knowledge build up

Options for:

Simulator classroom

Wet hands on training

Courses Duration: 1 day