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Obtaining the USCG Type Approval in October 2017, under Lloyd’s Register (LR) as an Independent Laboratory (IL), made ERMA FIRST the first full flow electrolysis BWTS vendor worldwide to have achieved such an important milestone.

In the sense of providing the customers of ERMA FIRST more options and backing up all the existing clients that have already been using the ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT with FILTREX filter, ERMA FIRST has submitted its application to USCG for this option on the 13th of March 2018.

On the 25th of September 2018, the current USCG Certificate was amended with the series of FILTREX filters (Alternate filter under the USCG Regime) and all models of ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT will have both options of Filters as per current IMO Type Approval.

ERMA FIRST Amended Certificate 162.060/6/1 is presented in the official USCG website; follow Approved BWMS and Status of Applications Section and applied to the whole range of ERMA FIRST Models 75-3000 with the two options of Filters, FILTERSAFE and FILTREX.

As with the primary filter FILTERSAFE, the results with the FILTREX configuration were successful and in compliance with USCG requirements. ERMA FIRST has been constantly showing its commitment to the delivery of innovative and high performance equipment, as assured by LR.

Tested in three water salinities, ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT offers a reliable, simple and effective solution for all types and sizes of vessels. The smooth testing process proves that the system has been carefully designed, developed and engineered so as to undergo the most rigorous testing and ensure reliable operation in the most challenging natural water conditions.

ERMA FIRST chose to work with LR because of their in-depth technical knowledge and experience with ballast water treatment technologies and trusted assurance services.

Mr. Stampedakis, Managing Director of ERMA FIRST commented, “Our extensive knowledge and experience enables ERMA FIRST to provide with a superior BWTS that fully meets our customers’ needs. In our efforts to give more options to our clients and of course to expand our production capacity for covering the current and of course future demands, soon an application for a third filter will follow.  Alike to the numerous tests performed by ERMA FIRST up-to-date, this filter test proved also the necessity of the filtration stage of a Ballast Water Treatment System. Filtration is a necessary treatment stage which ensures environmental compliance despite the water quality and reduces significantly the wear and tear of the essential parts of the system.

Theodosis Stamatellos, LR’s South Europe Marine & Offshore Area Manager, said: “Since LR started working with ERMA FIRST we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of their ballast water treatment system, and this was key to this outcome. Despite this being a very demanding process, ERMA FIRST has proved it can meet all the requirements of this exhaustive testing protocol.”

ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is flexible, modular and project-specific suitable for all special installation requirements in both new builds as well as retrofit projects. ERMA FIRST’s design simplicity and expertise on delivering challenging projects, has been well acknowledged by many ship-owners and operators worldwide, who have already trusted the company with their BWTS installations.