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BWTS World Leader

BWTS World Leader


ERMA FIRST, develops cutting edge BWTS solutions and sets the standard for effective ballast water treatment with superior operational readiness, build quality and ease of use.

We are one of the top manufacturers worldwide in terms of quality & sales with a significant number of contracted and installed systems. We work with some of the most prestigious names in the shipping industry and are committed to providing long term cooperation and support to our customers, whatever their size.



We are in constant contact with our clients, acting upon more than 2,000 cases per week. A 95% one day reply time guarantees that customers' requirements are acknowledged, and timely solutions are provided.

Supply chain/Production

Counting on our reputable partners delivering top quality products, our experienced purchasing team ensures the supply-chain operation is uninterrupted. 5,000m3 production and warehouse facilities support the ERMA FIRST competitive advantage of fast product delivery. Our expert team ensures that all our products meet strict quality requirements. The highly experienced ERMA FIRST logistics team works with reputable partners can to provide you with the most competitive transport rates in the market and safely deliver your equipment wherever needed.

Project Management

The ERMA FIRST Project Management team is here to guarantee that your project will be completed to schedule and always with a view to reducing costs. Our team of 25 engineers does not only focus on the successful supply of our equipment. Our specialists ensure that your system is installed in a technically sound manner and at the lowest possible cost. Understanding modern shipping, client needs and profound sense of responsibility towards the vessel are at our core.

Plan Approval

ERMA FIRST is one of the few – if not the only – BWTS makers with a Plan Approval department solely designed to review all of the engineering deliverables necessary for the installation of our system on your vessel. Mechanical engineers, with deep knowledge in BWTS retrofit projects, carefully review all piping, structural and electrical drawings to make sure that everything is in line with Class rules and best shipbuilding practices. Many BWTS installations conform with the specifications, but very few manage to do that at the lowest possible cost for the owner.

Technical Expertise

Our technical department consists of a group of highly skilled, enthusiastic specialists in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation. We use state-of- the-art tools for 3D mechanical design; Structural and Flow analysis; and Data Management that have allowed us to develop the most advanced and reliable Ballast Water Treatment System available on the market. Our ability to listen to clients’ needs, analyse the particular challenges of each installation and use our tools, creativity and passion to provide cost effective, tailor-made solutions that meet the actual needs of the vessel and its operators sets us apart from the competition.

The best technology for BWTS


  • Fully certified by IMO (revised G8), USCG and Korea for compliant operations in Fresh/Brackish/Marine waters. 
  • Operation ONLY during ballast intake, no need to operate main system when de-ballasting.  
  • Ships with systems only for 1 x ballast pump can use BOTH ballast pumps for de-ballasting.  
  • No limitation in water temperature, turbidity, or salinity (FWM). 
  • No flow restriction for compliant operations is required.  
  • No holding time. 
  • No heating. 
  • Lowest power consumption compared to all other technologies. 
  • Lowest OPEX.
  • Core of the system, electrolytic cell electrodes, made with titanium grade A and not corroded by sea water.  
  • Warranty for 5,000 hrs ballast intake operations provided. In most of the cases, this will exceed operational lifetime of the vessel.  
  • No moving parts inside the electrolytic cells.  
  • Disinfection process 100% ensured. 
  • All components are of European or USA origin.
  • Easy to install modular system with small footprint.  
  • Only maker with three filters, on full approvals, for flexibility during installation.
  • Simplified operation and minimised workmanship designed for ease of use by ship crews. 
  • Fully automatic, backflushing basket filter with retention capacity of 40 microns. This is the optimum balance between fine filtration and backflushing cycles, no interruptions in operation. Finer filtration than this level may lead into filter clogging, absence of filtration has high noncompliance risks. 
  • Power optimisation:  constantly adjusted according to the given concentrations of in situ produced chlorine.  
  • Same operational mode in all kinds of waters and regulations (IMO, USCG and Korean Type Approvals). 
  • Safe operation for people and the environment. Negligible TRO quantities and hydrogen gas, well below the safety limits. 
  • Complimentary provision of METIS WIC (Wireless Intelligent Collector) along with Ballast Water Monitoring Module.
  • One of the top makers worldwide in quality & sales volumes.  
  • Over 1,000 contracted and installed systems.   
  • Long-term cooperation and commitment to customers including large fleet agreements.

We maintain a strong presence worldwide through our extended agents & service network. Located in strategic points globally, we are able to serve the large number of ERMA FIRST BWTS installations.