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Events / Exhibitions 40 Years of Excellence & Environmental Commitment

Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE), the largest marine environmental protection services and equipment provider in Greece celebrates, this year, 40 years since its establishment. Polychronopoulos family, along with its associates and more than 800 representatives of the Greek and global shipping and industry sectors, celebrated at an event held on Tuesday, December 5, at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

This glamorous evening was organized by Environmental Protection Engineering, ERMA FIRST and Polyeco on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of EPE and the US Coast Guard Type Approval received by ERMA FIRST for its Ballast Water Treatment System.

During this evening, a brief presentation took place, in regards to the first steps of the group, the development that followed, the new companies that have gradually emerged, as well as the plans for the next day. Plans that include, among other things, investments in new projects such as the production of alternative fuels, the creation of a hazardous waste landfill, etc., always according to the strictest conditions imposed by the international and European conditions and the national legislative framework.

In view of the wakefulness of the Group’s companies regarding the future steps, particular reference was also made to the successful course of Polyeco abroad that despite facing the preconceptions of foreign companies coming from the economic situation in Greece, has managed to be the best ambassador of Greek foreign policy on the waste management sector.

On another note, special mention was made of Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative, the initiative of the Group’s companies that aims to educate younger and future generations in the sensitive area of ​​hazardous waste through modern art as well as to contribute to the environmental awakening of the society. This innovative global action of a Greek corporate entity has attracted the interest of the international business community and has opened up new horizons in corporate social responsibility.

Finally, the investment strategy of ERMA FIRST, the only Greek company that manufactures a ballast water treatment system and the 6th worldwide system that has obtained the US Coast Guard Type Approval, was highlighted. The company’s intention is to invest in the creation of a global network of technical support stations, denying the tactics that characterized the Greek shipbuilding industry in the past and working on global standards and role models. Through this global network, every ship equipped with ERMA FIRST products can receive support and spare parts wherever and whenever they need it. Also, in its future plans, the company includes the use of modern satellite technologies, through which the operating status of a system will be remotely monitored at the press of a button.