Committed to Deliver World-Class Engineering Solutions

Project Specific

developed to exceed all the special installation requirements

Effective Disinfection

continuous R&D on electrochemistry for innovative marine applications

Small Eco-Footprint

low power consumption & corrosion risks, minimum maintenance required

Smart Savings

competitive CapEx and low OpEx guarantee an optimal system fit for your pocket


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ERMA FIRST serves ships internationally through an expanding agents and service stations network, ensuring our presence in all major global ports.

#maritime #shipping #ballastwatertreatment

ERMA FIRST has a dedicated China-based team. Last year, we received an amended Type Approval from the China Classification Society (CCS) for our FIT range of BWMS and were awarded 'Certificate' under the Authority of the Government of the People’s Republic of China. #shipping

You can join ERMA FIRST in a new era of e-learning training.

Courses on ballast water management legislation, compliance and ballast water treatment system operation are available. Find more information here: https://bit.ly/3pTTpYD

#maritime #shipping #ballastwatertreatment

ERMA FIRST remains committed to supporting stakeholders during this challenging time and maintaining uninterrupted operations across departments. #maritime #shipping #ballastwatertreatment

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