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Vessel Specific Solutions

Vessel Specific Solutions

Bulk Carriers

ERMA FIRST has extensive experience on bulk carriers. From 300 m3/h to large 2x3000 m3/h ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS, modular design allows for easy and straightforward installation. All the components are installed in the Engine Room (mostly partial flat, store room and 1st deck). In rare cases where practical difficulties with bulky parts such as the filter are encountered, a platform extension can be easily fabricated to accommodate that component. Learn more on our brochure on the button below.


The installation of BWTS on board tankers requires explosion proof equipment. Our EX certified product range is the perfect solution for the harsh and demanding environment of tanker vessels. The main components are ATEX certified and are normally installed in the pump room. When APT treatment is required, an APT treatment module can be installed that interconnects with the FIT EX system allowing treatment of all ballast tanks.


Installation on board is as uncomplicated as it gets. The system components are installed in the Engine Room. Operation is possible from the control panel located close to the system.

MR Tankers

ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS is designed with flexibility in mind. Our system can be installed on even the most demanding vessel designs. Based on the extensive experience from the installation of ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS on hundreds of tankers with submergible ballast pumps, ERMA FIRST currently offers four installation solutions. Those are extended from conventional to innovative.



This is a typical installation which is commonly found in newbuilds and in many early retrofit installations. The BWTS can be installed inside a custom enclosure (deckhouse) on the deck. The deckhouse dimensions are custom made to accommodate the required BWTS. Equipment installed inside the deck house is EX-proof. Components are delivered loose.

30ft. Container

ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS can be installed inside standard in house ISO containers. The standardisation of the enclosure means that size, harness type and locations are pre-defined, and transportation of a containerised unit can be facilitated by a container vessel. This has the benefit of easier planning the commissioning of the system and requires less planning, as the system can be loaded on board the vessel for installation as soon as it reaches the yard. The system utilised in such solutions is EX designated. The non EX components, such as transformer rectifier and, control panel are installed in a safe area inside the vessel.

40ft. Container

Expanding the scope of installation inside 30ft Containers, the larger 40 ft Container offers larger internal volume allowing all system components, including the non EX parts, to be installed inside it. A section of the container is isolated and classified as safe zone, where the non EX components are installed. Access to the hazardous designated section and Safe section is possible by separate doors. This solution allows all the BWTS components to be installed in the same location, minimizing required cable and piping length.

Engine Room Installation

When pump room is not available, an internal installation of the BWTS is still possible. For this solution, the BWTS which is not Explosion proof will be installed in the Engine Room. To satisfy the requirements for liquid and gas flow between Safe and Hazardous designated zones, 2 new ballast pumps are installed in the E/R (thus avoiding water flow form the Cargo Area to the E/R) to feed the BWTS during ballasting. De-ballasting is performed with the existing submergible pumps. This solution has the added benefit of using Non-EX main components without the necessity of a deck house or container installation on cargo area.

LNG Carriers

ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS is ideal for installation on LNG Tankers, as it provides a flexible installation in the E/R via all available filter options, in the vicinity of the main ballast pumps, as well as a straightforward placement of the Electrolytic Cells as an extension of the ballast piping thus minimizing installation related costs. LNG Tanker operators benefit from the most operational friendly limitation of ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS technology & the lowest average power consumption amongst available electrochlorination technologies. The extended warranty benefits ERMA FIRST is offering as well as the minimum operational and maintenance costs, along with the reliability of all ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS components are greatly appreciated by LNG Owners/Operators.


Passenger vessels normally require medium capacity systems such as 1xFIT 300 and 1xFIT 400. Installation on these vessels normally takes place in the available pump room.


Despite not having the ample space for retrofitted machinery, motor yachts can still be equipped with BWTS. ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS comes in all sizes, and our lower capacity models can easily fit inside any engine room. Our smallest systems 1xFIT 75 and 1xFIT 100 are the perfect candidates for superyacht applications owing to the minimal component footprint and modular design. The same flexibility and features is available to all our product range, from large 2xFIT 3000 units to compact 1xFIT 75.