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Following an extended review of the different Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), ÖL Shipping Group  has decided to opt for ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT as represented by UMAR|WSR Group based upon a review of the approved BWTS which included: regulation compliance, capital cost, energy requirements, full life cycle operating costs, space requirements, simplicity of operation and crew familiarization.

Capt. E. Koch, Chairman, CEO & Partner of ÖL Shipping Group commented, “We are very happy to have found such a highly qualified and supporting partner to fulfill the IMO requirements.  In regards to the specific challenges on installation and available space that the ERMA FIRST FIT can handle as well as demanding operational habits of the specific vessels on which ERMA FIRST FIT is the optimum solution providing the most user friendly limitations among USCG TA systems, plus flexible design and cost efficient installation along with low life cycle costs and high quality of components. A special thanks goes to UMAR Shipping Services and their ongoing tremendous support to us in technical issue .”

Thrasos Tsangarides, CEO of UMAR | WSR Group & proud partner of ERMA FIRST S.A. in the territories of Cyprus & Russia commented, “The decision of ÖL Shipping Group for Ballast Water System selection, was based on technical advantages and system suitability carefully studied from company’s experts who have demonstrated the ability to work in partnership right from the project’s initial phase, showing dedication and commitment to resolve challenges as a team. We are confident that this partnership will be the blueprint for a successful fleet retrofitting programme and we thank both ERMA FIRST and ÖL Shipping Group, for their enthusiastic and spirited collaboration for materialising the project so far.”

The ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is USCG Type Approved and IMO Type Approved. The system is simple, flexible and suitable for all pump capacities and vessel types, as it comes with a small footprint and low power consumption. During ballasting, the water goes through the filter, where organisms and sediment (with a diameter larger than 40 microns) are separated and further discharged overboard. The filtered water enters the Electrolytic Cell. Naturally, from the chlorides of the water, free chlorine is produced through the electrolysis process at a very low concentration (around 4-6 mg/L). The treated water then, enters the ballast tanks. During de-ballasting, the system will only monitor the residual oxidants and will further intervene if necessary, as the main stages of the system (filtration and disinfection) are bypassed.

ÖL Shipping Group, a family owned Shipping Company originally founded in the Mediterranean with a history dating as far back as 1836. The Company is headed by its Chairman, CEO & Partner, Capt. E. Koch and to date maintains the ÖL Slogan “Steaming Ahead” with confidence and determination with which ÖL has developed its operations over the course of its rich 172-year history. After the firm’s entire relocation in 2001 to Cyprus, it has become a key component of Cyprus’ attractive maritime sector, both facilitating and advocating for Cyprus’ development.  ÖL owns and manages its small, although very strong and sturdy young fleet of 5 vessels (average age of 9,5 yrs), all proudly flying the reputable Cyprus flag from its premises close to the port of Limassol. With an accumulation of diverse knowledge and experience with all types of seagoing transport, the Company is more focused and specialized in the MPP/Container Geared Feeder Segment. ÖL is considered a quality caring Shipowner, navigating world markets aiming at excellence in service, communication and availability from the Chairman & Partner downward to its Customers and Investors alike.