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ERMA FIRST, has designed a system that meets the requirements of IMO, USCG and all major Class Societies. ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT holds IMO Type Approval and US Coast Guard Type Approval. Having chosen the most challenging waters in the world to perform all the necessary tests, the system has proven itself capable of operating in extreme conditions of high sediment, low temperature and low salinity. Unlike its competitors, ERMA FIRST promotes the same, reliable systems and technology from day one.
Rigorous testing

ERMA FIRST has undertaken extensive R&D since 2007, testing a series of technologies. The ERMA FIRST's scientific team participated in the first-ever project (MARTOB) funded by the European Commission in 1998 for the technologies development and applications of On-board Treatment of Ballast Water and Application of Low-Sulphur Marine Fuel. Following rigorous tests, electrolysis was chosen as the most efficient for the treatment of organisms, optimised by high-end mechanical separation systems. Today, ERMA FIRST provides Compliance Testing at commissioning and as well as VGP sampling. This service option is included in every ERMA FIRST contract. Testing is done via reliable, recognised and known 3rd party laboratories.

Testing with Challenging water

Our Oceans are living ecosystems. Each has its own specific and unique profile. This makes the design of Ballast Water Treatment Systems challenging. Each and every unit has to be able to perform in various different environments. ERMA FIRST, tests its technology in natural sea water conditions. This involves waters with large populations of organisms' which are resilient to disinfectants. Shortcuts, such as testing with augment intake water with younger organisms and those less resistant to disinfectants, can lead to future compliance issues.

Designed for marine use

ERMA FIRST FIT is a system designed for marine applications by industry experts. The main reactor is robust, suitable for the engine room , pump room and deck applications with the longest lifetime expectancy in the market. This is underpinned by our guarantee policy.

Corrosion testing

ERMA FIRST has evaluated corrosivity with tests according to GESAMP recommendations and concluded that untreated water shows a higher crevice corrosion rate than samples in treated ballast water. The higher corrosion rate in untreated ballast water is probably due to the formation of a derby film on the surface, which promotes crevice corrosion (microbial influenced corrosion). Moreover, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements show that coating barrier properties are not influenced by the chlorine treatment of ballast water in such low concentrations. The same has been accepted by the IMO ( MEPC 64-INF.21 ). But most importantly it has been proved in the real world onboard vessels using ERMA FIRST for many years.

TRO dosage

ERMA FIRST BWTS produces 6 mg/L of chlorine. This is one of the lowest target TRO values amongst electro chlorination based BWT systems. It allows for lower power requirements; a significant decrease in hydrogen emissions; avoidance of any anticorrosion provisions and minimal neutralisation agent consumption. At the same time such concentration reduces any no compliance risk on high chlorine demand waters. These are waters with organic loads commonly founded in fresh water or tidal affected ports. Low TRO target is possible thanks to high filtration rate of the installed filter (40um), proper mixing of TRO with ballasted water and state of the art process monitoring.


ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS is designed to satisfy even the most stringent rules currently imposed on ballast treatment systems. Most test results are proving zero organisms (>50 μm or 10-50μm). This can give great confidence to ERMA FIRST FIT users that the system meets even the strictest standards. Many other systems on the market are plagued by temperature limitations, high salinity requirements and impractical holding times. But ERMA FIRST has delivered a system that can perform everywhere and at any time. ERMA FIRST FIT meets USCG, IMO and Class requirements from the earliest Type Approvals, up to the entry into force of the latest rules.